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SKNP0121 White

'Ideas Formals by Gul Ahmed' shirt 2pc. Sleeveless shirt with capri trousers.FormalsColor: Gold..

Ex Tax: £80.00

SKNP0122 Black

'Haya Noor' velvet shirtFormalsColor: Black..

Ex Tax: £80.00

SKNP0123 Pink

Cape style 3pc. Shirt, scarf and capri trousersFormalsColor: Pink..

Ex Tax: £110.00

SKNP0124 Mint

Cape style 3pc. Shirt, scarf and capri trousersFormalsColor: Mint..

Ex Tax: £110.00

SKNP0126 Peach

Jacket 3pc. Undershirt, jacket and flare trousers.FormalsColor: Peach..

Ex Tax: £120.00

SKNP0130 Mint

'Sapphire' 3pc 100% silk, tie waist jacket, undershirt and flared trousers.FormalsColor: Mint..

Ex Tax: £250.00

SKNP0132 Black

Hand embroidered shirt with black scarfFormalsColor: Black..

£250.00 £110.00
Ex Tax: £110.00

SKNP0133 Peach

Hand embroidered 3pc, shirt, scarf and capri trousersFormalsColor: Peach..

£290.00 £150.00
Ex Tax: £150.00

SKNP0134 Nude

Luxury net hand embroidered 3pc. Shirt, scarf and jamawar trousersFormalsColor: Nude..

£230.00 £130.00
Ex Tax: £130.00

SKNP0135 Green

Makaish 3pc hand embroidered shirt, scarf and capri trousersFormalsColor: Green..

£150.00 £90.00
Ex Tax: £90.00